Sunday, 9 June 2013


Helping Mr J with his science project - making up petri dishes to see which of 6 commonly used items in the house is germiest.  Part of me wants to see lots of things growing in these dishes for his project, and the other part of me is horrified that people may think I have an unclean house.  Oh well I guess time will tell.

Miss B has been stitching lots of felt together from a kit she received for her birthday, making felt cakes and doughnuts.

I have managed to whittle my bedside reading pile down a little.  Finished the latest JD Robb and am part way through Kristin Kimball's autobiography  "The Dirty Life"  which is really interesting reading so far about a city girl and life in rural Vermont on a farm

The binding for my Ruby Nine patch quilt has been made- almost 8.5 metres.  Now just the rest of the quilt to do. The scarf has been finished as well, just darning in and maybe blocking to do..

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