Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pinwheel Pouch

Rather a cold bleak day today, so I moved the sewing machine into the house from my sewing space and sewed in the warmth.  I am very pleased I was able to finish the pinwheel pouch for my sister.  The pinwheels are from 2 1/2" fabric scraps and the backing and lining are from Cuzco by Kate Spain.  I didn't have enough linen to do a plain back so I decided to fancy that up a bit too.  The pouch is about 9" square - so hopefully it will be large enough for Janine to keep some small crochet projects in it  for when she is at sports training with the kids. Will post it to you next week.


  1. oh wow, these are some cute tiny pinwheels. Lovely!

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