Monday, 12 August 2013


One of the benefits of not having my sewing machine for a couple of weeks,  was remembering that I used to do a lot of other crafty creative things and doing some of them again. The other day wanting to create something, I browsed my pinterest boards for inspiration, and came across this image.  I knew that I had bought a lot of little canvas boards, so I pulled them out, found my test posts of paint, rummaged through my craft supplies for coloured paper, heart embellishments, lace and old clothing tags.  A few a hours later, I have my version of a multi heart artwork. Currently displayed on a mini easel. on my sideboard. I think that once a month I will make myself create something from my pinterest boards - whether it be something sewn, cooked or arty, to keep my creative mojo inspired and challenged.

What have you made from your pinterest boards?


  1. Your canvas turned out beautifully. I've not joined Pinterest.....

  2. Hi Julie, one of the unexpected benefits of writing a blog is when a distant relative gets in touch! Love your BlogSpot. Prisca x


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