Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Week That Wasn't..


..  Monday and Tuesday I had Mr J home from school, sick with sinus pain and a sore throat.  Yesterday I was without a car while my brakes were getting fixed.  Today - my day of freedom after I finished doing some baking for Mr J's shared lunch tomorrow.  But no - today I have Miss B home all blocked up and snuffly.  She and The Scout are meant to be going on a Winter camp this weekend, however I don't like her chances.  Then after Mr J has already gone to school,  I remember that it is school photo day, I forgot to check that his shirt was clean, that he had done his hair - oh well I guess I'll find out when the photos turn up.  I have lost my creative mojo this week, so am taking photos of corners of my home, shells and sea glass from past summer camping trips, the beautiful crochet cushion my sister made for me, my jar of selvedges waiting to be sewn into things - to hopefully inspire and remind me that this is a little glitch in my life, and that summer will return, my kids will get well and that sometimes a cosy chair and a good book solve everything.


  1. I totally agree - a good book and a cozy chair are sometimes the best things for us. What are you reading? I've been into the "Ruth Galloway" mystery series and the novels of Joan Aiken. Thanks!

  2. Things do return to normal eventually - I think we have been suffering from the same lurgy in Tauranga - Hugo and I had the sore throat on Thursday. I was so excited to see 'The Rosie Project' in your library stack. I adored it sooo much - Jonno is reading it now and loving it too. The author is coming to Tauranga for the art festival and I have decided that I am definately going. He is amazing. Lots of love, Kate (from greedyforcolour) xxooxx.

  3. Hope a healthy household returns and you get your mojo back but for now go with it - a comfy chair and book sound good to me x


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