Friday, 13 September 2013

This is why I love my Library

A wonderful pile of  new fiction  from some of my favourite authors on my bedside table, I'm just finishing rereading Prodigal Summer, and then I can start on these. All sorts of crafty, quilting ,stitching and cooking goodness on my coffee table.  I have just signed up for a couple of swaps through Flickr, one of which is a Christmas Table runner, so I am especially pleased to have Simply Modern Christmas on hand for some inspiration.  Also very interested to read Kate's book Vantastic, inspired by her familiy's caravan trip around Australia.

There are about 55 libraries in the Auckland area,  which I am able to access for books to be sent to my local library.  I make the most of this, at any time I usually have about 20 books on request, and between all four of us in my family we must have at least 30 books out at any one time.  I often see books recommended on blogs, so will suggest the library purchases them if they aren't in their system - this means I am first to get them when they do.  I love being the first to read a book.

Do you use your local library?
What are your favourite types of books to get out?

Have a great weekend.


  1. So great to read about you working the system too - by the way, I loved Prodigal Summer - Barbara Kingsolver is one of my all time favourites. We are so lucky to be in NZ with our wonderful libraries. Today was an extra special day because I had 11 new holds to pick up - wahoo. Your books are amazing, I am going to look them up on our system. Love Kate xxooxx.

  2. The only thing better than a stack of new library books is a stack of quilts :) Combine the two and I'll never want to leave home again. Thanks for sharing your picks! The weather is turning cool here so I'll have to go pull a big stack from our library soon.

  3. I love my local library - I visit it a few times a week. Prodigal Summer is a great book - I also like The Poisonwood Bible. I'm currently checking out a lot of fiction and yoga dvds from my library. Thanks!


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