Sunday, 1 September 2013


Winter is now officially over and we have had the most beautifully fine weekend to celebrate the arrival of spring.

  • Brioche again for Saturday's breakfast - my favourite dough recipe and a new filling - spicy apple.  Not a great hit with the family - I probably should have added more brown sugar and cinnamon.  The general consesus was that they were rather bland.
  • Home-made muesli for breakfast this week- a change from porridge and weetbix.  Full of oats, wheatgerm, bran, coconut, sunflower seeds and dried fruit.
  • Poppyseed bread from this recipe - more of a loaf or cake than actual bread.  Still tastes good though.
  • A birthday card for my nephew who is turning 3 next week, and has just come down with chicken pox.
  • More mini pinwheels for some sewing projects - I think I have at least another 15-20 to make.
What did you make or bake this weekend.?


  1. Your muesli looks really yum! I need to make some too. We've been very unhealthy with a double lot of birthday cake - four year olds love decorating cakes.

  2. The brioche look beautiful - all of you baking looks just yummy!


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