Thursday, 23 January 2014

My Sewing Room

What's a girl to do when her husband tells her " clear out your sewing cupboard and the bookshelves, I'm moving things so you have your own sewing room".  Well after a few disbelieving "really - a room just for my mess" and excited smiles, she gets on to it - quick smart. Previously I have had half a room, which I have shared with the family computer desk, and the cupboard my husband stores all his Scouting books and files in.

Now I have a room of my own - we have temporarily put in the trestle table for my ironing/ cutting /project table, until we find another old wooden door to make a matching table to my sewing table.  I have had an old bookshelf moved in to the other end of the room, which does house some old family favourites and children's books, but there is room for my things too.  Please note the large expanses of wall space - I am thinking space for some mini quilts (might need to join some swaps) and perhaps a design wall. 

Oh the possibilities are endless - I need to make an ironing pad for the table, and get a couple more pretty storage boxes for odds and end, so this room will be a work in progress.

What is your favourite feature of your sewing space?

**Updated  07/07/2014 - we have found a door, table number 2 is now work in progress and there are mini quilts on the wall too.**


  1. Well done - you'll love having a room to yourself! I'm presuming that the husband took his stuff out and you're still in the same room - just with more space. :-)

  2. Your own sewing room - enjoy. My spot is the dining table - used daily by 10 for eating and also our homeschool base. Needless to say, it's a very shared space which I rarely have use of for more than an hour or two at once.

  3. A room of your own, bliss!!!! I share the spare bedroom with the computer...& hubby "works from home" at least once a week!!! But we bumble along quite nicley!! Linda

  4. This is great, Julie! One of my favorite parts of my workspace is a large tack board where I have all sorts of inspirations and photos pinned up.

  5. Hurray for a sewing room!! I love that wooden table, would love to have one of those instead of a plastic folding one. Some of my favorite things in my sewing room are: wall mounted iron bracket (so the kids don't knock it off the ironing board), a hanging book sleeve for my rulers (like this: ), and a big desgin wall!

  6. So happy for you getting your own space! You've got great light (something I lack in mine, except for fluorescent). Have fun setting it up just the way you like it.

    One of my favorite things is my cutting table. It is a good height, so I don't have to bend over to cut. It's big enough to baste a small quilt on and has room underneath for stacking containers which hold (some of) my scraps by color.

  7. How wonderful to have a dedicated sewing space! I vote for a design wall -- it is so inspirational, as well as functional :)

  8. Oh, nothing like a room of ones own. Enjoy! It looks lovely and organised, ready to create! :)


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