Monday, 27 January 2014

Weekending - The Food Edition


It is Auckland Anniversary weekend where I live, so that means a three day weekend.

Friday saw The Scout and I, celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss, so out came the bubbly.  Very nice too.

An abundance of vegetables - especially cucumbers - I sent 7 of those with The Scout to his work, to give away. There are still a few more left to pick, but I think that plant is nearly finished producing.  The beans are going mad again, however my cherry tomatoes aren't looking as plentiful this year.

Cooking with black rice, for the first time.  I love how the coloured vegetables look like little jewels in it.

More beautiful cookbooks to read and savour.  I love the recipes, photos and anecdotes in La Tartine Gourmand, by Beatrice Peltre, author of the same named blog  Great recipes especially for gluten intolerant people.

Beautiful red plums from a friend - turned into this delicious vanilla plum cake.  It makes a large cake or two smaller ones.  I cooked mine in a roasting dish.

The first of my black cherry tomatoes starting to ripen - a lot bigger than normal cherry tomatoes.

What have you been cooking/baking this weekend?


  1. Hi Julie! The vanilla plum cake sounds delicious. Happy Anniversary and happy cooking. I'm reading "A Homemade Life" by Molly Wizenberg and there are a lot of great recipes and stories in that book as well.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary - that is very impressive! Love your library haul as well... aren't libraries just the best places.

  3. A very happy anniversary to you and your husband!!! And what glorious veggies!! A sight for sore eyes indeed as we are covered in snow! Thank you for coming by my blog...I look forward to journeying along with you!!! Nicole


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