Tuesday, 4 November 2014

From the Kitchen and Garden

  • I read about these coconut peanut butter balls on Melissa'a blog, decided that I needed to request the book that the recipe came from and check out the blog too. Really looking forward to getting this book from the library.  I made the balls on Saturday, so quick and easy in the food processor, and added a few dried apricots also. They were a big hit with everyone and will definitely be made again.
  • A quinoa salad - loving these warmer evenings which encourage lighter meals and salads.
  • More plants for the vegetable garden - Italian parsley, basil, a red hot chili, a yellow capsicum, courgette and some more African marigolds to encourage ees and keep away pests.
  • My Hippeastrums/Amaryllis are budding, they didn't flower last year, I think they were sulking after being repotted, this year I have three bulbs in bud. Can't wait till they flower.
What are you cooking or growing at present?


  1. Yum, those balls look good. If you get the book by saturday, I would love to have a look at it. It looks like a cool book. I am planning to get into my garden this week too. I am going to plant kale for the first time along with the usual summer veggies.

  2. I have just put my garden to bed for the winter so I am not growing anything all I have left to harvest is leeks and beetroot.

  3. My hippeastrums have just finished flowering - well technically only one really flowered which I bought at markets 12 months ago. the others were relocated twice and are still in survival mode. It's an exciting time of year in the garden 'Downunder'.

  4. Love that bloom!!! What a majestic plant that is friend!!! I need to try those coconut balls as well as I have been making oatmeal balls for the beans and they love them!!! And that salad looks absolutely delicious!! There is just something so wonderful about getting vegetables from the garden and making your meals from your harvests!! Lovely post friend and thanks for the recipe!!! Nicole xo

  5. Oh love the bud but mmm those foody things look scrumptious! will have to check out the blog! Summer and salad... perfect combo :)

  6. Cooking up lots of soup. Getting cold here. We had our first big frost, so nothing growing. :-) Looking forward to snow. We are cross country skiers, so we get excited about snow.

  7. I love anything peanut butter! Those look so good and seem simple enough. Today, we are making sushi and miso soup. It's chilly here and we are planning on relaxing and enjoying the day.


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