Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sew Sew Modern 6 - Sent

Last week I posted off my Sew Sew Modern 6 swap package.  My partner mentioned that her favourite colours were grey, aqua and lime, and that she would like some placemats.

 For her large item, I made  her four of them, using a variety of 1.5" strips of fabric as a focal point, in the grey solid.  The backing is from one of her favourite fabric ranges - The Ghastlies.  They measure about 13" x 17", and were simply quilted with straight lines and bound in black.  I figure she could also reverse them if she wished too.

I decided to make napkin rings for her small item, this is a design I made up and both the interior and exterior are lined with firm interfacing to hold their shape.  They simply button  up with an elastic loop.  I am really pleased with how these turned out - the middle photo shows one in use. ( I should have ironed them before taking the photo)

The complete package contains a few ribbons and some paper napkins.  Now I am eagerly waiting for mine to arrive, and to hear that this package has arrived safely on the other side of the world.


  1. You did such a beautiful job friend!! She is going to love her package of goodness here!!! Great work! Nicole xo

  2. Lovely ensemble... very creative! I checked out the link for these 'swap' exchanges too! Linda

  3. What a beautiful set, I love the fabric.

  4. What an amazing gift! You chose such beautiful fabrics, I am sure that the recipient will love them! xx

  5. super fun package, I bet she will be well chuffed! And thanks for the blogging email, still stewing over it LOL!

  6. This is such a brilliant idea - no doubt she is going to love it :)


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