Sunday, 19 April 2015


  • Rainy day sewing - a 5.5" square  Liberty log cabin block .  I love sewing with this fabric, it has such a beautiful feel, so smooth and silky.  I can't wait to make something bigger with my little stash..
  • A morning spent in the kitchen doing back to school baking.  From the oven today was a new recipe -  this loaf of no-knead bread, also made was oaty ginger crunch and spiced orange fruit scones.
  • Some beautiful books for  lazy afternoon reading.
Hoping you all had a fabulous weekend.


  1. very cute little Liberty block! Have checked out the Katie recipes before, some great vegetarian ones (my daughter & family are vegetarian so am always on the look out for new ideas!) Will be interested to hear what you thought of the "Quilting the new classics" book?

  2. Love the Liberty block, I am afraid I am quite lazy with the bread making I use a bread machine.

  3. Pretty liberty log block...........more yummy food!

  4. My kind of weekend!! Your liberty block is gorgeous!! And that bread!! Holy cow....where did you get that recipe? It sounds and looks so amazing!!! I bake a no knead but I need to switch it up a bit as mine is just a plain white loaf. Wishing you a wonderful new week ahead Julie! Nicole xo

  5. Liberty... and that bread! looks delicious! We've just been able to start baking our usual no-knead recipe too... cant beat home baked bread :)

  6. Looking forward to a book review. :-)


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