Sunday, 14 June 2015


  • Twiggy branches have been found for my sewing room and butterflies have been attached, and some  for a vase in the house
  • I made start on my EPP Cart Wheel - and changed my mind on the previous post's colour musings
  • some days all the good books arrive at once - perfect for perusing in front of the fire
  • another little block finished for my sampler quilt
Hoping you all had a relaxing weekend too.


  1. Loving the stack of books you have there friend! And your new vignette in the sewing room is beautiful! Such a pretty place to create! Love the wheel! Happy Weekend! Nicole xo

  2. That is some stack of books to get through. The branches in your sewing room look delightful, a beautiful vignette.

  3. Great stack of inspiration you have from your library. Loving the Dresden!!

  4. Love the book pile! Looks like a lovely weekend. Hope you have a fab week :)

  5. The butterflies look gorgeous don't they!!! You have a great stack of books there for reading. I hope that you get some lovely quiet times to peruse them. xx

  6. In love with your Cart Wheel block!

  7. I love your little low volume Dresden! I am planning a whole low volume quilt and this is perfect for it! I hope you don't mind if I 'pinned' it! Love that mini in the first photo too!

  8. Fun! I love all of it!
    Have a great week!


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