Thursday, 18 February 2016

Scenes from my Week

From the work in progress pile
  • Some hand quilting on the sampler quilt - this is my slow project - far too hot to sit  for hours doing this, so just a little quilting every other night, with all the doors open.
From the vegetable garden
  • Tigerella tomatoes - after the disappointing crop of cherry tomatoes my vegetable garden produced, I am pleased to be getting some decent pickings of this plant.  It is a race between me and the birds some days to get to them.  Other success ful crops were my Lebanese cucumbers, lettuce , corn and my chili plant.  My passionfruit which was so prolifically laden with fruit, seems to have a disease and is dropping them before they have ripened. Such a disappointing sight.
From the book pile
  • I gave up on the  two books I was reading when I last posted.  Unfortunately I wasn't enjoying them, and I have decided that life is too short to  keep trying to read books I am not enjoying. This is my latest read, I enjoyed her previous book, so fingers crossed this one is good too.
From the fabric stash
  • a few new additions , some Anna Maria Horner, Carolyn Friedlander and an Amy Sinibaldi text.
What has been happening in your week?


  1. Love those tomatoes! The quilting is looking good and what's the rush? I have been busy quilting.

  2. Fabulous tomatoes!! I love the bowl they are in too!! xx

  3. I agree, life is too short to read books we are not enjoying! I tell the same to my students! I purchased some similar low volume prints this week! Has it been hot in NZ? Melbourne has been less than summery this week!

  4. Nice to catchup on what you've been up to, Julie....your tomoatoes look great and I agree abbout the books - hope you have better luck with this one. I hear what you say with the quilting - bites of it work well at this time of the year!

  5. I am jealous of your tomatoes. ;-) Nothing in the world can taste as good as a fresh out of the garden tomato.
    xx oo

  6. Oh, I understand about sewing when it's hot. Even though it usually doesn't get too overly warm here, we can have stretches of summer days where it's extremely difficult to do anything inside. This American girl starts to melt without here AC... and the irony of it is now when we visit my parents in summer I almost freeze because the AC is set too cold. Tja... enjoy your open doors!

    Can't wait to see this quilt finished! Wow... great fabric score!


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