Tuesday, 12 July 2016

He(art) of the City

Sun burst', Sara Hughes, 2016. 

East Meets West', Flox, 2015 

Limbo by Judith Darragh

Catching the train into Auckland City with Miss B and Mr J, is always a fun holiday trip.  I had plans to do a photographic scavenger hunt and had made a list accordingly.  We started off well, finding sculptures, heart murals, and birds, but derailed somewhat as we discovered the glitzy eyecatching installation in the foyer of the Auckland Art Gallery, and then Unity Books, the Auckland Library and Real Groovy.  Wandering back down Queen Street via Aotea Square, we came across the polar bears and penguins.

We may not have completed our list, but have certainly discovered some interesting new places and art works.


  1. So much great artwork! I love the gnome, that is a lot of fun. Funnily enough I saw the polar bears recently on another blog, but not the penguins. I loved the bears, but I think that I love the penguins even more, they are so much fun aren't they!!

  2. What a great tour, some really exciting artwork, I smiled at the gnome.

  3. What fun! I like them all in their own ways.

  4. That's a good school holiday idea!

  5. Love the gnome and the polar bears! I'm sure I saw a couple of them walking the streets of Melbourne this morning when it was only 2C!!

  6. Looks like a fun day out - great photos - I like the idea of your 'scavenger hunt'!

  7. What a great idea!! I am going to steal this idea and plan something like this for my boys. Thank You!!
    Great photos!


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