Friday, 10 March 2017

Here & Now

Loving //my garden -  flowering vireyas, the fuschias from Mum's 70th that I planted outside, and my paint brush lily  that is just starting to appear

Eating //Yummy food not cooked by me - The Scout and i are going away for the weekend, such a treat.

Drinking //Bubbly - currently chilling to take away with us.

Feeling //a little worried about the second bout of extremely heavy rain we are meant to get, hoping my garage, office and sewing room don't flood.  However the gardens have loved it, the sunrise was absolutely spectacular, and that old saying "red in the morning" was absolutely true on Wednesday.

Making //more stitches and unpicking them on two new birds

Thinking // about using these beautiful fabrics in my medallion quilt

Dreaming //that Miss B and Mr J's bedrooms are miraculously clean and tidy.

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  1. So many pretty photos here. Thanks for the smile :)

  2. I hope both the children's rooms have miraculously become clean AND the rain stayed away! We'e expecting some this weekend, but we really needed it!

  3. Yes, that rain was certainly heavy, hope all ok with your sewing room. Have a lovely weekend away!

  4. Enjoy the weekend my friend. Chilled Bubbly and your sweetheart ... perfect!

    I hope all will be well with the rain.
    We had awful wind storms here Tuesday and Wednesday. Power outages, trees down, roofs ripped off, and garbage everywhere! Now it is cold again!!! 4 degrees ... Boo!!

  5. Lovely! Do hope you've had a fab weekend. Such gorgeous flowers and your birds are looking great - why are you unpicking?? Great fabrics.

  6. Lovely flowers and fantastic needlework, Julie. Hopefully the weekend's heavy rains didn't hit you or your home too hard while you were away. It was just more of the wet soggy same for us down here.

  7. I hope you have had a lovely weekend away! We had a red morning on Wednesday too, and the saying sprang to mind. That afternoon there was a terrific electric store nearby, so I thought it rings true too :-)

    Thanks so much for joining in again!
    Sarah x

  8. I love all the colours in your photos, Julie. Isn't the sky just so beautiful at the start of the day. Your birds are looking lovely too, such detail! Meg:)


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