About Me


I'm Julie, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am a wife to The Scout, and mum to Miss B and Mr J.  I may mention them in posts or show occasional activity pictures of them, (usually a back view too)  but that is pretty much it.

This blog is about the things that make me happy.
  • Quilting - which is usually colourful and scrappy, maybe a little bohemian , often hand quilted too.
  •  Hand craft projects - EPP, felt applique, embroidery
  • Books - I absolutely adore reading , and luckily enough I work for Auckland Libraries, so my habit is well and truly supported.  I still prefer a proper book though and haven't converted to e-books.
  • Cooking - I love to cook and bake - all sorts of different and tasty foods.  Once a month I do a Cook the Books round up of my monthly endeavours.
  • Gardening - my garden, beautiful gardens I visit, gorgeous flowers
  • Hiking - this is a relatively new interest, but it is something I enjoy doing with The Scout, Miss B and Mr J.  I haven't quite developed a love of long carry all your wordly belongings in a pack for a week tramps yet - I think I like my flushing toilets and hot showers a little too much for that.

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