Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Making :   A huge mess (again) in my sewing room
Cooking :  Meatloaf and mashed kumara for dinner
Drinking :  Rose and French Vanilla Tea
Reading:  The Mapmaker's Children  by Sarah McCoy 

Wanting:  to start another Liberty project
Looking:  at bare branches and leaves on the lawn
Playing:  alpha betty on the kids ipods
Wasting:  time on Pinterest
Sewing:  a mini EPP dresden 
Wishing: the housework fairies would pay a visit
Enjoying:  getting emails from my Mum while she is overseas
Waiting:    for a parcel from Germany

Liking: finding Uppercase magazine in the Auckland Library
Wondering: what would happen if I didn't nag my children to do their homework
Loving: sitting by the fire with a good book
Hoping:  my sore hip gets better soon

Marveling: at the card tricks Mr J has been showing us
Needing:  chocolate
Smelling:  wood smoke in the night air

Wearing:  my winter boots
Following: my Mum's itinerary each day through the UK and Europe
Noticing:   I have moth holes in another merino knit top
Knowing:  I need to colour my hair and possibly cut it too
Thinking:  about a day trip by train all by myself when my family is on their next scout camp
Bookmarking:  new recipes for tasty winter dinners

What is happening in your life lately?


  1. Oh!! I love it all!!! Warm cozy winter dinners are the best! And like you I need a haircut! How fun to be tracking your mom! I hope you do get that day trip my friend! Such an oustanding lately list!! Wishing you all good things! Nicole xo

  2. The liberty fabric is stunning, looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I was smiling about you wearing winter boots I have just sorted out my summer sandals.

  3. Loving that cute Dresden! Dinner sounds yummy. The book sounds interesting??

  4. It sounds and looks so cosy. Lovely :)

  5. Hi,
    I like your new photo of you. :-)) So very pretty.
    How is your mom?

  6. So much going on for you! I hope that all your hopes come true! xx


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