Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Sea Urchin Pincushion


Now that my sister has received it, I can reveal what the  finished felt and embroidery project I started a month or so ago was.

Voila, this is the sea urchin pincushion based on the pattern from Jo Avery's book, Modern Crewel Embroidery.

I changed the colours she prescribed for bright in your face threads, based on this glorious fabric from Alison Glass.  As I have lots of cotton embroidery threads in my stash, I used these instead of wool thread and I decided to add a band of the beautiful fabric to the sides of the pincushion to tie it all together.  I especially like the texture from the seed and chain stitch panels.

This was a nice fun little project, and there were lots of others I would like to try from the book too.

Friday, 15 July 2022

Things Here Lately


Gosh it's been age since I last wrote on my poor neglected blog.

I'm working full time, but  still reading and creating, just not as prolifically.  Here's a brief rundown of some of what I have been up to over the past couple of months.

  • I've started a new English paper piecing (epp) project using house blocks and squares.  Currently I am piecing the house blocks out of my Liberty fabric stash, and I'm thinking the squares will be assorted low volume projects from my stash. I'm enjoying having a portable project again, that I can work on in my lunchbreaks, or pick up in the evening for a quick stitching fix.
  • A new little embroidery/wool applique project has also been started, I've picked threads to match one of my favourite Alison Glass fabrics.
  • The sidewinder pants were the first pair of trousers I've made that weren't culottes.  They have an elastic waist, perfect for over eating and a cool twisted side seam.  They are a very different look for me, and I'm not sure I like them on me, they do look better in the photos, than looking at them in a mirror,  so it may be a matter of perception.
  • I also made a new top for special occasion a couple of weeks ago. I used the Hilary Top pattern from Tessuti Fabrics, omitting the peplum and lengthening the bodice.  I made an XS but could possible have graded to a S.  Fabric is rayon in a lovely green animal print that just doesn't photograph well.
  • I've finally managed to get away to a beach, it's not quite the same in winter, being unable to swim, cos I'm very much a summer swimmer only, but it was bliss to go out for meals, walk on the beach and just escape life in Auckland.
Happy weekending .

Thursday, 12 May 2022

The Mallard Coat

I wear my jacket versions of this pattern a lot, and decided that I really wanted a bright funky longer version to wear casually with jeans for work.

My two jackets were made in a cotton canvas, and I liked the weight of them, so spent a few hours perusing the rolls available at Spotlight.  Eventually deciding on this sublime meadow of blooming poppies.

I knew I would never be able to get the pattern matching to work on the side seams, so have settled for cutting the fabric so it at least looks like the patterns align.  I did however spend an inordinate amount of time working out how to cut the pockets so they match, only to give up on the folded cuff, it just hurt my brain too much trying to figure that out.

Lining is a beautiful coral coloured bemsilk, and I have purchased some buttons, but am going to wear it without them first to see if they are really needed.

I'm having a bit of fun putting different combinations of jeans, tops and shoes together with this.

Pattern from New Zealand company The Sewing Revival.

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Two Toned Fantail Top


I have had this pale blue linen/cotton blend in my garment making stash for a while now, and have been reluctant to use it for a top, after my husband made a comment about going for a hospital scrub look.

One night while lying in bed, I had the brainwave that if there was enough of the blue rayon animal print left from my Skulduggery Top, I could use it with the linen and make a new fantail top.

This is the result.  I have made the Fantail top before, see here, but thought that it was a little big on me, so this time I reprinted the pattern in a size 8.  It is a much better fit, I also omitted the neck facing and made a bias binding to match the sleeves and make it more cohesive looking.  The sleeves were also shortened about 4cm, and then I just threaded a narrow elastic through.  I love how the gathered detail is really defined on the front in a solid colour, and hopefully after a couple of wash and wears the linen will soften and be a little more drapey.

Photos were taking using the selfie and self timer option on my phone, in the absence of my unwilling teen photographers.

Pattern is from NZ company  The Sewing Revival

Sunday, 3 April 2022

Groove is in the Heart - A Finished Quilt


Over the past few days I have put the final stitches in my Groove is in the Heart Quilt.

I started this project in October 2020, and in October 2021,  I finished sewing the blocks together to finish the top as well as making a vibrantly bright scrappy backing with some of my favourite fabrics.  I've decided that life is too short to save them all and they deserve to be used. 

As with most of my quilts,  I seriously debated hand quilting it, but with a change to my work hours (I'm now full time not part time) I realistically came to the conclusion, I just don't have time.  Once again I sent it to my friend  Leeanne to work her magic.  She was given a few ideas of quilting styles I liked, and I very trustingly put my faith in her picking the right one for the quilt. She picked E2E design Sugar n Spice and I  couldn't be more happy with the quilting design and how it looks.  

Binding was not the relatively simple choice I thought it would be,  Initially, I figured because of all the colour on the back and so many low volumes on the front, that a solid black/charcoal colour would frame both sides, but they looked flat and dull. Luckily a lovely customer at my local fabric store was happy to pull out bolts of fabrics and offer suggestions, till we found one that worked.  A vibrant pink/orange splotchy dot from Kaffe Fassett.

I love the look of this quilt and am so glad it is finished and ready to use this winter. Meeka has already given it the seal of approval.

Pattern is Groove is in the Heart from BlueMountainDaisyQuilts.

Fabrics are from my never decreasing stash.

E2E Sugar n Spice Quilting by Quiltmekiwi. Batting is a poly/wool blend from her too.