Thursday 29 March 2018

Things Here Lately

  • Slowly but surely progress is being made on my Solstice Dreams Quilt.  I have done one of the re-do blocks too.- the pink flower on the bottom right.  
  • Autumn fungi is starting to pop up in the most unlikely places, this little grouping in a gap in the cobblestones on our paved area.
  • I have just finished reading this book.  I really enjoyed it and have a lot of respect for people who can live in Alaska with such long dark cold winters.
  • Feijoa season has begun, unfortunately these lovely big cut fruit aren't from my trees. However my trees have fruit this year, and it looks as though I should get a lot more than 10 feijoas, so I am very happy with that. I think from memory my fruit trees were ready in May. 
  • I'm feeling quite inspired by the success of my foray back into sewing clothes for me, so have been spending a little time looking at patterns I like online.  So far on my 'want to make list' I have the Kyoto Sweater/Top, the Coppelia Top and the Kimono Top. I  Of course now I need to find time to peruse andbuy some lovely fabrics for them too.
Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend, what ever you are doing.

Saturday 24 March 2018

Weekending - Tawhitokino

Today, The Scout and I did a short hike into Tawhitokino, such a beautiful, new to me beach.  I well and truly needed a dose of vitamin sea, this was perfect.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too.

Friday 23 March 2018

Boat Neck Anegada Top

A while ago, this image popped up in my IG feed.  I fell in love with the cowl neck on this top instantly, and thought that it was so my style, but dismissed making it, cos it's made in knit fabric.  I haven't sewn anything knit since I was about 19 and did one of those Kombiknit classes at my local fabric store. That was a long time ago. However I couldn't get the idea of wearing that top out of my mind, so I ordered the pattern online from Halfmoon Atelier and it was sent to me instantly via a PDF.

Before I started sewing it, I watched tutorials on sewing knit fabrics, sussed out what stitches I had to use on my machine and practiced sewing on scraps of an old t-shirt and some of the remnants of the fabric I bought.

Over the past couple of days I sewed this top.  I made the size 4 and option A. and kept the sleeves at the length required for option B.  Everything else is exactly as the pattern is printed.  The pattern itself is easy, the instructions and diagrams are clear and I love the finished top except the cowl/collar which hasn't rolled enough over it's raw edges on both the front and back of the top,to give it that finished look.  I suspect it is because of the fabric I chose, which is a cotton/rayon/spandex blend. It drapes beautifully, but doesn't roll.

Considering it is my first time sewing anything knit in almost 30 years, I am still very pleased with the result, and am going to attempt it again, next time in a a cotton knit as shown in the pattern.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE

Not much from me this week, I'm afraid.  We have been having lovely mild autumn days, so I have been spending my free time in the garden, planting vegetables seedlings , cutting back overgrown plants, and generally getting the garden ready for winter.  When I have been sewing it has been more blocks for my Solstice Dream project - I hope you're not sick of them yet.  Lots of colour and fun stitches to play and create with though. I do like the little lady bird.

Now it's your turn to share, it doesn't matter if it's embroidery, a quilt, applique or epp, or some other stitched or sewn project,  It can be a start, a finish or just a wip.  All we ask is that you follow these guidelines when linking up:
  • Link up any post from the past week that features  a sewing or stitching project you have been working on.
  • Somewhere in your post, please link to this one.
  • Also please take the time to read and comment on some of the other linked posts, it is always nice to know that people are reading what you have written, and we are trying to encourage people to keep blogging and reading blogs.
Thanks for joining us
Julie and Linda

Thursday 15 March 2018

Here & Now

Loving //  Cooler nights, sleeping is so much easier.  Not so keen on the cooler mornings, although seeing a full moon at dawn is a rather lovely occurrence.  The smell of autumn in the air and  late summer flowers.

Eating // Crisp, juicy, flavoursome new season apples and pears

Drinking // Lots of water, hot chocolates and tea.

Feeling // Sore - my knees, hips and middle finger joints are aching.  Must time to hit the glucosimine again.

Making // Wax fabric wraps, I'm trying to cut down the plastic wrap usage.  Another Solstice Dream block, love the bullion knot caterpillar on this one, though I'm awfully glad I don't have caterpillars this size in my garden.

Thinking // My summer vegetable garden was a bit of a write off this year, I've just planted Rainbow chard, perpetual spinach, beetroot and late season lettuce, so I'm hoping my winter one is a lot more productive.  

Dreaming // Of some new made by me clothes.

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Thursday 8 March 2018

Owls, Boats and Dots

There are a lot of fun events happening in Auckland CBD at present, so this morning I caught the train in, and explored.
  • 47 giant decorated owls have been placed around Auckland as part of the Big Hoot Trail, I managed to find 14 of  the city based owls, and have shown some of my favourites.
  • Currently Auckland is a stop over point for the Volvo Ocean Race Fleet as part of their round the  world race.  I was lucky enough to see the boats in port today, getting prepared to go back on the water for some localised racing this weekend.  I was surprised at how small these boats are, especially when you consider the conditions they sail in.  This IG page is worth checking out for some close ups of the boats and action and weather shots.
  • Finally I went to the Auckland Art Gallery and participated in the Obliteration Room exhibition.  Every person who enters the room is given a sheet of coloured dot stickers to place any where - on the walls, floor, furniture. It's bright, and fun, and while I was in there, someone was actually playing the piano.
What's happening in your city right now?