Wednesday 26 October 2022

Things Here Lately



There have been lots of things keeping me busy lately, I'm finding I don't really have time for detailed blog posts on everything, so here's a snippet of what is happening in my life when I'm not at work.

  • I'm still making blocks for the new quilt I've designed.  There is a very rough plan drafted out, (which will no doubt be added or subtracted to) I have made a few epp blocks which will be appliqued to low volume fabrics. I absolutely adore how this mandolin block turned out.  It will be the biggest block on my quilt.
  • My sewjo has returned, I've made some very basic but extremely useful black rayon culottes. These were drafted off an expensive pair I had bought and literally worn out,  I'm currently wearing them at work today, and with a stretch fabric waistband, they are very comfortable. 
  • Another fantail top.  I fell in love with the floral fabric when I saw it in an online shop.  It was a little pricey, so I bought just enough to be able to use them as sleeves in a solid coloured top.  
  • A beautiful cookbook finally turned up for me at the library - Saffron Swirls and Cardamom Dust, so far I've made two very delicious sweet treats from it - Persian Love Cake and Chocolate Cardamom puddings.   I've put the book on my Christmas list because I liked it so much.
  • I still find time to read, usually lunchbreaks at work or last thing at night before I go to sleep.  Both of these books were wonderful reads.  
  • While there is not much blooming in my garden at present, dahlia tubers have been planted, and zinnia seeds sprinkled in anticipation of a hopefully extremely flowery summer garden. These beautiful crabapple blossoms were flowering during one of my neighbourhood walks.

** Apologies for the slightly blurry clothing shots, It's harder to find a resident teen at home these days willing to take photos with a real camera, so I'm usually resorting to self timer selfies on my mobile phone.

Thursday 6 October 2022

The Pretty Woman Polo Dress


I have long loved the iconic polka dot dress that Julia Roberts wore in the movie Pretty Woman, and when I saw that Burda magazine had made a pattern for the dress, I was quite excited.  A couple of years down the track from the magazine being published, I have finally traced the pattern and made my version.

No brown polka dots for me though, it's all floral and colour.  I learned some new to me techniques making this, with the all in one enclosed facing and shoulder seams, making a casing for the elastic waist , and a thread button loop.  I also experienced much frustration with the hem which wouldn't hang straight and now relies on me sashaying  a lot or artfully leaning against walls to look perfect.  Honestly no will probably notice really, but we maker's always notice the imperfections.

I would like to find a nice belt to wear with it too, but I think currently it fits the bill, for a cool floaty summer dress, ready to wear when I'm in Brisbane.

Pattern:  Dress 101 Burda 04/2020, size 38

Fabric:  floral rayon

**Photos taken with the self timer on my mobile, so apologies for a slight blurriness.