Tuesday 25 February 2020

Ice Cream Soda Quilt Happenings

My ice cream soda quilt is demanding all my time at present.  I have shirts I want to make, gardens that need working on, and housework that should be done.  But you see,  I have reached an exciting stage of this quilt, I have attached all the joining pieces and am now actually joining the blossoms.

I laid out all the blossoms, shuffled some around, then shuffled more around until I was happy with colour placement.  Each row was labeled, so hopefully they all get sewn in the right order now.

I have two rows made and am attempting to join these now.  Boy, is this a fiddly twisty thing to do. Hopefully I work out a better way of doing this for the remaining rows.

Once it is all joined, and borders have been added, I have plans to send it to my friend Leeanne for either basting, so I can hand quilt it or quilting if I cant be bothered.

Lets see how long it take me to get to that point though.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Taking Stock

I haven't done one of these posts for awhile, and sometimes I think it's quite nice to have a little overview of the things I'm doing and liking, not just the big finishes. For the inspiration for this list check out Pip's lovely blog, Meet Me at Mikes.

Making: a sea-glass pendant,  I pulled out my old jewellery making tools and wire, watched a couple of tutorials and had a play,  Not perfect, but definitely wearable.

Cooking: lots of new dishes from some new cookbooks I treated myself to.

Sipping: lots of cold drinks - mainly water, but I am enjoying an icy cold G &T in the evenings

Reading: all the time.  Lately I have enjoyed these books.

Looking: forward to my weekly yoga classes starting up again this Wednesday after a long Christmas/New Year break.

Listening:  to Mr J practicing his electric guitar - lots of hard rock and what his tutor terms as dad rock.  Most of it I like.

Enjoying: the antics of Meeka

Eating:  cherry tomatoes from my garden

Loving: my dahlias, even though they are now suffering from the excessive heat, lack of water  (we have to pay for water usage, so unfortunately I do have to make some sacrifices over summer)and mildew.

Buying: back to school supplies, and always groceries for the teens.

Watching: Little Women at the movies the other day - beautifully filmed, such a nice movie to wile away a couple of hours in air conditioned comfort.

Hoping: it rains where it's really needed in Australia and New Zealand, without causing more flooding and damage.

Needing:  to finish attaching the joining pieces to my Ice Cream Soda blossoms - I only have 27 to go, so in theory, I could get them finished by the end of February, if I get motivated enough, then I can start joining the actual blossoms together.

Wearing: as little as possible while still staying decently dressed - it's hot!  My linen dresses are on high rotation, as is a new Ogden cami I made from some rayon scraps. I made this one a size up from my first attempt a couple of years ago and am much happier with the fit.

Getting: just a little excited for our family holiday over Easter at Hahei Beach, I'm really needing some vitamin sea, and we're going to take Miss J and Mr B to Cathedral Cove for the first time, one of my favourite places.

Bookmarking: recipes in my new cookbooks

Coveting: lots of the dahlias I see for sale, I could go quite mad with purchasing tubers for next year, but I only have a limited space and water supply for them.

Feeling: Hot, it is summer in New Zealand finally.

Hearing: cicadas during the day and crickets in the evening - signs of summer.


If you'd like to Take Stock too, copy and paste the prompts below onto your blog, and pick the ones you want to complete.