Monday 15 June 2020

Weekending: Hiking the Waitawheta Tramway

Bogie with a log

Vertical saw mill

The Scout and I took ourselves on a wee adventure (without children, the joy of having teenagers) this weekend.  We headed to Coromandel and walked the Waitawheta Tramway.

It is a relatively flat trail to the hut and is just shy of 10km.  The trail follows the old tramways used back in the kauri logging days.  There are lots of old iron railings , wooden sleepers still with the old rail spikes in them and various relics from days gone by.   We crossed five swing bridges over the Waitewheta River,which runs through towering dacite cliff, and you can see the old foundations under these where the tramlines used to cross.  and just before arriving at the hut there is a rebuilt vertical saw mill to explore.  

You do need to book a bunk at the hut which sleeps 26, it was a full house the night we were there, but was nice and cosy with a log fire. We had beautiful weather for this walk, and I was delighted to see rata vine flowers close up, normally they are way up in the tree tops.

I have a couple more days of leave to enjoy at home now, before I am back to work.