Sunday 21 August 2022

Something New

My design board has been moved back into my sewing room, and is slowly getting covered with an assortment of  blocks.

Another new quilt is in progress. I was inspired by a short video my sister sent me of a quilt reveal. I watched it, had an AHA moment, and raced off to find a pen and notebook.  It will be another of my scrappy many different block quilt, based slightly on Tales of Cloth's - Seedlings Quilt, fetureing low volume ,Liberty and lots of other fabrics from the stash.  I'm trying to not buy new fabric for this one.  

Apart from the log cabin blocks I have just made, it is going to incorporate some English paper pieced blocks, three of which I have made already, probably a lot of my hexis that are sitting in a tin waiting for the right project,  it may also include some of the the Liberty/low volume x/+ blocks I have been making.  I'm quite enjoying being this inspired about a quilt, especially as I seem to have lost my sewjo for garment making.  Hopefully it returns with the warmer days we have been experiencing and an upcoming trip to Brisbane to look forward too,

Also enjoying the small posies I can make from violets and cyclamen currently flowering in my garden.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Sea Urchin Pincushion


Now that my sister has received it, I can reveal what the  finished felt and embroidery project I started a month or so ago was.

Voila, this is the sea urchin pincushion based on the pattern from Jo Avery's book, Modern Crewel Embroidery.

I changed the colours she prescribed for bright in your face threads, based on this glorious fabric from Alison Glass.  As I have lots of cotton embroidery threads in my stash, I used these instead of wool thread and I decided to add a band of the beautiful fabric to the sides of the pincushion to tie it all together.  I especially like the texture from the seed and chain stitch panels.

This was a nice fun little project, and there were lots of others I would like to try from the book too.