Monday 27 July 2020

Weekending: Hiking in the Kaimais

Wairere Falls - from the first lookout point.

The summit with views out towards Waikato farmlands

This weekend just past, The Scout and I went adventuring.  We left  Auckland and drove south to our starting point - the Wairere Falls.  It was an upwards slog to these(probably made more difficult by carrying a large pack on ones back), so the first lookout point was a welcome reprieve, and a very picturesque resting point,  before all the steep stairs and rocky/rooty track to the summit.  We had lunch there and were lucky enough to see a possum.  Considered a pest in New Zealand it is very strange to see them out in daylight hours.

The next part of our adventure was hiking south on the North South track to the Te Whare Okioki hut, which was out accommodation for the night.  The track is a little used track, but very lush and green, lots of tree ferns, ferns, mosses, interesting fungi as well as mud and a few creek crossings.  Needless to say my hiking boots proved their worth and remained dry and cosy.  I have to admit that I did feel that it would be very easy to get lost in this part of the country, if you missed one of the track markers.  We arrived to the hut at about 5pm, and were very pleased to see some other trampers had lit the fire.  A warm drink, dinner cooked by the Scout and good company made it a pleasant place to keep warm and spend the night.

We returned home the same way and even though you think going downhill will be easier, it's certainly not.  I'm back at work now with a few sore and stiff muscles, while The Scout is keenly planning our next adventure.

Friday 17 July 2020

Bonn Shirt - the one with long sleeves

Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing some slow sewing on another Bonn Shirt.   I made one a couple of months ago, see here in a size 4, and while I loved the look and fit of most of it, I felt it was a little tight across my back and around the armscye,  This time I made a size 6 and used a lovely soft lilac cotton shirting.

I had a few dramas with the collar, until I realised that I had cut the wrong size (lesson to self - always print patterns in colour or highlight where you need to cut).  Once I re-cut that piece correctly, everything else went really smoothly, including my first time making a continuous lap on the cuffs.  I love all the detailed instructions and diagrams that patterns from Itch to Stitch have.

Overall the shirt fits well, I think I prefer it in a print rather than a solid colour (or maybe it's just this colour) and am contemplating making a third one, perhaps in a slightly softer drapier fabric to get the perfect shirt.

PS:  I did iron it before we took the photos of me in it.

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Weekending: Hahei and Cathedral Cove

Over Easter weekend,my family and I were meant to be having our dose of Vitamin Sea at Hahei Beach  Unfortunately our national lockdown stopped that from happening,  Once New Zealand moved back to level one (normal life) we were able to re book our cabin at the Hahei Holiday Resort.  This weekend just gone, saw us enjoying walks, sunrises and sunsets and just getting away from our life in Auckland.

Highlight of the weekend was the walk from Hahei to Cathedral Cove, beautiful coastal views.

I'm back to work and reality again now.