Monday, 7 October 2019

WOW in Wellington

The Beehive

Wellington Cenotaph

New Zealand Parliament Buildings - old and new

Woman of Words - commemorating Katherine Mansfield

Cuba Street Bucket Fountain

Past entrant of WOW

Past entrant of WOW

Solace in the Wind

FINALE:Bouquet at Te Papa
Tivaevae quilt at Te Papa

Homeward bound

I have just spent a lovely weekend in Wellington (New Zealand's capital city) with my mum and Miss B. We flew down to see the annual World of Wearable arts festival.  More on this further in the post.

Friday saw us all meeting up at Wellington airport, then making our way into the city.  We caught up with my Aunt and wandered the city, finding where the Arena was and the WOW sign for a photo opportunity.

Saturday was cold and wet,  however we were out early to do a tour of our parliament buildings which was very interesting, then we made our way to Cuba street, which is filled with lots of boutique shops, cafes and people, as well as the picturesque bucket fountain. That evening we attended WOW.

 WOW is the World of Wearable Art and is a design competition with entries from all around the world. The show is likened to part theatre, part catwalk show, part Cirque du Soleil. We weren't allowed to take photos in the show itself, but around Wellington there are displays of previous designs.  It was a most fabulous evening,and we had wonderful seats.  The imagination some people have to design these costumes and bring them to life is amazing.

We flew back home early Sunday evening so spent the day at Te Papa and wandering the waterfront on a most glorious sunny if somewhat cool day. Te Papa is a fabulous museum so many interesting exhibitions and displays.  I particularly liked the Gallipoli exhibition and Finale; Bouquet by Nike Savvas.

It was a most wonderful weekend and such a treat to be able to enjoy it with my mum and daughter.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Hvar Jacket

I have admired this little jacket from Itch to Stitch for a while, thinking that it would make a great tran seasonal addition to my wardrobe. Last week there was a discount on it, so the pattern was subsequently purchased, printed and pieced.

Reading blog posts and viewing #hvarjacket I noticed there were a lot of suede type ones which really appealed to me. so I found a lovely deep rusty coloured butter suede fabric  from Spotlight.

Based on my measurements I made a size 4 and made a muslin from my trusty old sheet to check the fit across my shoulders. The pattern itself is very clear and easy to follow.  Kennis also links to online tutorials for slightly more difficult techniques. I have learned a new skill with Hong Kong seaming, using some lovely Liberty bias binding I had bought a while ago.  Gosh this gives a lovely finish to garments and hides any fraying and loose threads.

The fabric itself was lovely to cut and sew, however it was difficult to pin and press, so I am somewhat disappointed with how the seams  and overall finishing looks.   My fabric choice  has also somewhat hindered fitting in areas, such as inserting the sleeves, and the double layer of fabric in the collar means I lost a lot of the drape too.

It is still a wearable garment and my husband tells me that no one else will notice the imperfections I am aware of.  I like the fit and style on me, and would like to make this again, however I will be a little more cautious with my fabric selection next time.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Things Here Lately

Track up to the trig

View towards Pokeno

  • Searching back on my blog I see I made my first blossom in May 2017, some 2 years and 4 months later, I have finally finished all 68 of them.  I have even made one of the half blossoms, so only have seven of those to go now.  Pictured are some of my favourite  blocks.
  • My retaining wall garden has been overhauled.  Last Thursday, I cut back and dug out all my Star Jasmine plants.  Much as I love the scent and flowers, it was too much maintenance for me and starting to ruin our fence.  Mr J has fixed the loose fence panels, and I have completed Phase 1 of my garden renovation, planting Lomandra Lime Tuff.  Still a little bit of work required to to properly finish this off.
  • The Scout and I attempted to go hiking this morning.  Mt William walkway is a short 2.5km track, however when we got to the fence line (about a kilometre from the start) on the farm it is on, we discovered that the track to the trig was closed due to lambing season.  It was still nice to get out in some lovely weather and enjoy the morning.
Wishing you all a wonderful week, let me know what you have been up to lately.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

More Ice Cream Soda Blossoms

Welcome to the Red series, the latest installment in my blossoms,  I decided my blocks were lacking  pops of red in them, so my lovely friend Linda very kindly sent me lots of red toned fabrics.  Who would have thought, that with all the quilting fabrics I have, I was short that colour.

I have calculated that I only need to make another 8 full blossoms and 8 half blossoms (12 blossoms in total) to complete that part of the Ice Cream Soda Quilt.  Plans on making it bigger are evaporating too, so I am going to set myself a goal of having all the blossoms complete by the end of this year.

Next year my mission will be the joining pieces, I just need to find the perfect colour to make them all POP.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Ice Cream Soda Blossoms

Since I last posted, I have been busy making up Ice Cream Soda Blossoms.

At the time of writing this I only have 15 full blossoms and 8 half blossoms left to make, if I make the quilt the size of the kit.  Of course I am considering making it bigger, and then there are still hundreds of tiny diamonds and triangles joiner pieces to add. My next dilemma is what colour to make the joining pieces.  White would probably make the blossoms POP, but I don't like to use plain white in my quilts. 

There is still lots to keep me busy, it's definitely not going to be a quick finish.  

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Things Here Lately

  • Recently I have been very inspired by the prolific and very beautiful dahlia posts from So much so, that I have completely cleared a smallish garden by my driveway and started the maybe addictive and hopefully bountiful purchase of about a dozen different dahlia tubers.  This beautiful book from the library is also making me want to plant more.  I purchased tubers from NZ Bulbs and Bulbs Direct., and am now waiting for the garden to warm up a little and dry out before planting them.  Fingers crossed for lots flowers this summer. Watch this space!

  • The Scout and I went away for a weekend sans children.  We stayed at Matakana in an Airbnb property, Matakana Fantail Retreat, a tiny house, which overlooked a lovely native bush setting.Yes there were lots of little fantails flitting and chittering among the trees. We visited the Farmers Market, had lunch at our favourite pub/cafĂ© and walked on the beach at Omaha.

  • I have some beautiful fabric sitting in my sewing room intended for garments, unfortunately I can not motivate myself to cut out the patterns (my least favourite part of sewing), and I think my machine has to go back to the service centre, it is still squeaking when I sew and drives me mad. So I have been pulling out some old wips lately with the intention of finishing them,  Currently I am working on my Ice Cream Soda epp blocks,which I have worked out I haven't touched since January 2018. I think I only have to make about 20 more blocks before I can start joining them.

  • Wet winter weather always means lots of reading, gardening books, cook books and craft books, some,old favourites and new finds for inspiration, and two recent good reads from the fiction pile.
What are you reading and creating at present?