Sunday, 21 February 2016


Photo from Janine
  • Sewing:  the butterfly pouch is done, now I just need to get a few more goodies, and it's ready to post off to Australia
  • Eating - homemade caramel ice cream.  Absolutely delicious and such a shame I have to share it with my family.
  • Gardening:  probably more maintenance than gardening.  My Star Jasmine had grown somewhat out of control with all the warm humid weather.  Two hours later, three full wheel barrows of trimmings, and a couple of blisters on my hands, I have a lovely tidy jasmine garden again.
  • A proud big sister moment:  unfortunately this AMH Irish Chain Quilt isn't my work.  My sister, Janine gets to take all the credit for this beauty.  Mine is still in the planning, lets accumulate more AMH fabric stage, but this is inspiring me to get my other must do projects completed so I can start on mine.  Janine used the tutorial from here, but made it a couple of rows bigger. (She really needs a blog of her own to show off her beautiful work)
Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead.


  1. Great butterfly pouch! I really love this pattern. Irish Chain quilt in on my list too. Your sister has done beautiful work :)

  2. Your sister has made a wonderful quilt... I love the lighter background! Is it all one fabric? Ah, and as for gardening, some tidying up needed around here too at present, but I'm avoiding it!

  3. Your sisters quilt is so beautiful!!! xx

  4. I always enjoy your 'weekending' posts Julie- a little snapshot of various aspects of your life! Tell your sister that I love her quilt! Thanks for the link to the pattern she used! I might need that one day.... Your butterfly pouch is beautiful!

  5. Your sisters quilt is lovely Julie. Thanks for the site you sent us to. That was great also. Love the way you hung your quilt on the fence!

  6. Cute pouch. The out of control hedge is or WAS like the triffads! Your sisters quilt is very nice.

  7. That butterfly pouch is perfection! The book sounds lovely. Your would be so happy with how wonderful her quilt looks. It's great you both have sewing in common.

  8. Your butterfly pouch is lovely as well as your sister's quilt. Wow! Such talent! I would love to have star jasmine in my garden... I might not even be bothered to let it take over a bit! Homemade ice cream sounds wonderful! We are doing our winter-spring-winter-spring dance here. I am ready! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  9. The butterfly pouch is sweet.
    Your jasmine garden looks great. Well done!


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