Thursday, 16 March 2017

Works in Progress

A day at home today saw me determined to finish quilting my City Sampler quilt.  After a couple of quick tutorials, the hand tying commenced, I found this rather quick and easy and so much less stressful on my shoulders than machine quilting, subsequently it is now ready for binding.

However, before binding can start, the sewing room needs to be cleaned up, so of course this means you find other WIPs that need finishing:
  • Sea glass Sampler quilt - this now needs to be turned into a quilt top.  It won't be a large quilt more of a lap quilt for Miss B.
  • Bird Dance - 12 blocks down, 18 to go plus the borders, this is meant to be done by the end of June - not liking my chances here.
  • Liberty Bloomsbury Quilt - this is in fact in a usable state, however it still needs the hand quilting to be finished.  Luckily the evenings are getting cooler which makes it a much more pleasant task.
No doubt other new projects will catch my eye, but I am going to try and be good and finish these before starting anything else large.


  1. All looking great. There is always more to tempt us!

  2. I like your clarifier of 'large' ;-) The sea glass blocks are gorgeous!! Is your little flock back to behaving? I do hope so. I'mm looking forward to seeing your medallion grow! (medallions always seem like a lot of work to me - more so than other quilts designs of similar size, so I am eager to hear your thoughts are you progress)

  3. Your 'sea glass' blocks look lovely together! And the birds are very pretty, this really will be a very special quilt with all your hand stitching!

  4. Pretty projects! I love the colors and interesting designs in the sea glass sampler.

  5. That's quite an impressive looking list of WIPs Julie. Certainly plenty to keep you busy! I love the purple in your Liberty quilt. It's such a bold and dramatic choice! And you put such time and detail into your birdies, of course they take time to multiply! If it were me, I'd bind the City Sampler immediately and move it over to the finished side of the ledger! Good luck with it all.

  6. Gorgeous projects! Your birds are looking so good, and I love the colours in your other projects.


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