Thursday, 18 January 2018

Day Hiking - K2W Track

View back to Kinloch

The Junction

View to Kawakawa Bay

View towards Whakaipo Bay

Rangiora - Bushman's Friend

Old Man's Beard

A day hike was also done while we were staying in Kinloch.  We walked the K2W trail, which is also a mountain bike track.  Instead of doing the full hike into Whakaipo Bay, we did the Headland Loop track.  It is a relatively easy track, no major hills, some stunning views from the look out points.

I have to admit I have never seen so many Rangiora plants growing and with such large healthy leaves, way back in the old days it was often used as toilet paper, so subsequently is also known as Bushman's Friend.  Also seen for the first time is Old Man's Beard which though beautiful is a major pest in New Zealand native forests.

Miss B and I think that by the time we added in all the little detours to lookout points, we had hiked between 17-18 km , The Scout thinks about 15km.  Either way it was a good hike and I certainly felt it the next day, so I very was glad to have a rest day, reading and stitching.


  1. What stunning scenery!! I love the photo of the thin trees - it would make a super quilt!

  2. Thank you for sharing your great photos, greatnviews, shapes and textures. That sure was a long hike!

  3. Another beautiful day amongst that amazing NZ scenery! I am adding some of these photos to my Pinterest board, in the hope of returning one day! I hope you enjoyed your day off and felt virtuous about all those kilometres walked!

  4. Whatt a beautiful place!!! I'm sure I'll travel there some day :))


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