Friday, 5 January 2018

Scenes from my Week

Between work and long lazy summer days, there is a lot of nothing really substantial happening.
  • My last sewing finish of 2018.   My mandolin epp block from @talesofcloth  was turned into a pillow.  I hand appliqued it to a lovely deep blue shot cotton background, hand quilted it, and then found the perfect fringing to finish it off.  I made a simple envelope enclosure for the back. I just love how this has turned out.
  • I have made a start on Solstice Dream, the new wool felt applique and embroidery project my sister and I are doing this year.    This is block one, it looks awfully bright at present, but I think once I get all the thread embellishments done, it will tone down slightly.  
  • Determined to get the Sea Glass Sampler quilt finished this year, I have installed a temporary design wall, to help me visualise where this quilt is going.  I am finding it hard to work with a limited colour palette, rather than my usual brights.
  • My book pile is diminishing very slowly, but I am currently reading Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende and the most charming little book, Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. Originally published in 1912, and written in letter form, it's the correspondence of a foundling to her mysterious benefactor.  If you can find it on e-book or your library, I'd recommend it.
  • I've been doing a lot of walking again after work, or on my days off,  trying to get my fitness levels improved and just making the most of the glorious summer weather New Zealand has been experiencing.  This view is from the reserve in my suburb. As I write this, the rain (which is very much needed) has  been falling all day, the temperature has dropped slightly and the wind is howling around.  A big summer storm has hit New Zealand.
Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend ahead, wherever you are.


  1. Lovely post, your cushion turned out beautifully. That's some lovely threads you are using. I don't think you will be out walking today is my guess? :-)

  2. A pretty cushion, I really love the fringing. And I'll be interested to see how you get your 'sea glass' quilt together, did you decide to add any other colours? (maybe ask your daughter her favourite part/colour & go from there? ) And regarding your felt project, is it felt on felt or do you need to iron that other stuff on 1st?

  3. Happy New Year. Stunning makes as per usual. I've been loving the stormy weather - knitting and reading all day long!

  4. The weather seems to be unsettled worldwide with some horrific snow/ice storms in America and Canada. Love the cushion, a beautiful finish.

  5. I love that butterfly! It’s going to be gorgeous.

  6. You certainly filled your week to the brim!! Lovely shot of the Pohutukawa - wonder how many blooms are still on the tree after this horrendous storm!

  7. Hi,
    How is the storm? Is it over?
    We are still cold! Negative temps!! Woke up to -21 degrees!

  8. That fringing was a perfect find Julie! The cushion looks gorgeous! Keep going with your sampler. I think the more blocks you make the more it will come together! I am going to work on my Gridster blocks this week. I'm throwing in some orphan blocks to give it a 'growth spurt'! Glad you got some rain. The cool change we got yesterday, after 42C, didn't bring any rain for us unfortunately!

  9. Very beautiful pillow finish! And great embroidery work too.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    It's funny to think of you experiencing summer now in New Zealand.
    I hope the storm wasn't destructive.

  10. Your mandolin pillow is really beautiful and true, the fringing is perfect!
    Also the design wall looks awesome :)

  11. Your cushion is beautiful, Julie. You make such lovely things. I love the bright colours of your butterflies and how you make them so pretty with your threads. Meg:)

  12. I stumbled onto your blog from Wendy at Wendy's Quilts and More. Your embroidery stitches are absolutely beautiful! The best I have seen! Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the inspiration!


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