Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year's Day Hiking - Cossey's Dam Loop Track

New Year's Day, saw The Scout, Miss B and I, venturing out for our first hike of 2018.  We did the Cossey Dam Loop Track at the Hunua Falls.  Not an overly long hike, about 5km and 3.5 hours, but it was hot and humid and all the stairs and uphill bits were hard.  I didn't realise how much my fitness levels have dropped. (Guess what I'm aiming to rectify this year.)  Most of it was a track through native bush, including a little Kauri grove.  Last year a lot of the track was destroyed through major slips after severe rainfall, it was quite amazing to see the level of devastation caused. A lot of work has been done to reopen this track, though care is still required in places. 

Today I'm recovering, and enjoying an extremely hot and humid day. 


  1. That was some effort Julie! Was it 5km down hill too? I bet your thighs and calves are letting you know about it today! I wonder if you are stitching your new 'sister' project?

  2. beautiful shots! I think we went there years ago for one of my son's MTB events? What a great start to your new year. Stitching too?

  3. Fantastic photos. A joy to visit and see views that I would never normally encounter. The joy of blogging. Best wishes for 2018.

  4. Well, we are entering week #2 of 0 degree weather in the Boston area. It is so cold on the bay that we can't get the inside temps above 58. Wish I could figure out to ship you just a little! We usually walk the beach in Hull on 1.1 but the wind chill was -14 so we skipped it this year-no choice. Happy New Year, Susan


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