Thursday, 25 January 2018

Scenes from my Week

I had a couple of days leave which added to my rostered days off and an upcoming long weekend  have given me a nice break.  I haven't done anything majorly exciting though.  Lots of running kids around getting ready for school next week, and painting the deck. 

A few little things giving me pleasure this week are:
  • Solstice Dream -  It's quite normal isn't it, to start a new block when you don't like the stitch you have to do next, or don't have the correct coloured threads, hence three more started and none finished.
  • In the garden - my tamarillo tree has flowers and baby fruit for the first time in it's life.  Having never grown watermelon before, we are quite delighted to see that  my son's watermelon plant is also fruiting, goodness this plant would take over the garden if I let it though.  My cosmos are flowering and this beautiful bloom is from a small unknown plant I got from my sister in law's garden last summer.  I have since discovered it is  a Brazilian Plume Tree.
  • Currently reading and being inspired by the the author and homeowner of this beautiful property in Australia.
  • Also being inspired by the lovely Liberty Kantha projects I am seeing here - I keep thinking I need to start one, but I have a lot of other wips I need to finish (especially the sampler quilt).  We'll see how long that good intention lasts.
Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog very inspiring. As l will be visiting your beautiful country (south Island) next month any quilt shops which are a must see. Happy stitching.

  2. Your work is coming along beautiful!
    And your garden is so exciting, we have winter here.
    I saw the Liberty kantha stitch along projects and wow!
    They're perfect together.

  3. I love to visit to see your progress but it is always a joy hen I get a glimpse of your garden, a real delight.

  4. What a lovely colourful post Julie. Loving the look of Solstice Dream, it's going to be a treat watching this grow. On the subject of growing your tamarillo tree looks as if is a great producer.

  5. How lovely to have time to take a bit of a breather and enjoy all those things Julie! I too am tempted by a Kantha project. But I need to get my Luna Park quilt finished first! Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow Julie such beautiful work and what pretty flowers,hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  7. We all had the flu get us this past week. Awful stuff! I have not been sick in years. This was awful!! Happy to report, we all are slowly on the mend.

  8. You have had a very pretty week Julie - how yummy to be growing watermelon - I hope they continue to do well! Yes, totally normal and sane to start a new block when there's a stumbling block in the way....and then you'll finish all the blocks in a short time and volia! you'll be done :-)


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