Friday, 23 May 2014

Random from my Week

It has been a strange week here. I have been feeling rather out of sorts with my family and life in general.  The Scout even dared to ask me if I was getting menopausal. (No, I didn't throw anything at him).  I haven't worked this week either, and I think sometimes waiting for that call in the morning, puts me on edge too. The sewing machine hasn't been touched either, very unlike me.

Anyhoo, there have been some doings and happenings around home.
  • I have some more lovely cookbooks to read, I am especially liking Ginger & White, nice family friendly recipes and The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.  I love cookbooks which give anecdotes and almost make it seem like a recipe and story from a good friend. The Nigel Slater Kitchen Diaries is just slightly to big and heavy to read comfortably when lying in bed.  Does anyone else read cookbooks in bed?
  • Using some goodies received in swaps - my lovely quilted drawstring bag as a project bag and my needle book
  • Loving the bright golden lemons in my garden - they didn't ripen in time for my summer G & T's, but will certainly be enjoyed in winter baking.
  • Vegetable soup bubbling away on my stove
  • A little bit of stitching for a swap friend
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Looking forward to a new week next week.


  1. Sorry you are feeling out of sorts and hope it passes quickly. Love the soup it looks like the kind that would bolster and restore your spirits.

  2. I've been feeling rotten all week - I'm hoping I come right over the weekend. I love reading cookbooks in bed, I have a few piled up on my bedside draw. You can't beat soup when the weather is cooling. I hope you are feeling better soon xo

  3. I have had a rough week too! I can't tell you what it is...just tired and a bit off. And yes I read cookbooks in bed! And those lemons!!! I am jealous!! I love lemon anything!!! Here is to a new week of goodness and getting our mojo back! Take care pal...Nicole xoxo

  4. :-) I too, read cookbooks in bed.
    I love the photo of your lemons.

    Prayers sent your way.
    xx oo


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