Thursday, 10 July 2014

Warm Wishes Received

On a cold grey blustery winter's day, some summery warm wishes arrived at my house today.  Yes, my Warm Wishes Swap package was delivered. From Andrea,  I received the most beautiful cushion cover in tones that remind me of summer seas, watermelon and lime popsicles and a  sewing case filled with lovely extras.  I especially like the beautiful ribbons and zipper charms.

This swap differed from most others I participate in, in that we were assigned to each other and had to communicate  with each other about what we would like to receive. It has a been a great way to get to know Andrea, a bit about her life and family, likes and dislikes.  Round Two of this swap will be later in the year, however, I think I will just have a break from participating in them for a couple of months and catch up on some long neglected projects and Christmas sewing

Hope your week is going well.


  1. What a treat indeed!!! That cushion is beautiful!!! Good luck and have fun with your catch up sewing!!! Nicole xo

  2. Me too!!! I have to take a break from swaps for the next few months. Lovely package! I loved being part of this group :)

  3. Hi,
    Very nice, it is a for sure a cheer you up gift. :-)


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