Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 - Happy New Year

2015 sees some changes for my family and me.  For the first time in 12 years, I will be working part of the summer holidays. (Bet that will be when we have the best weather too).  Miss B starts high school and Mr J starts intermediate, so no doubt we will have some anxious moments in the lead up to Term One beginning and during the school year.

Again I have set myself a few crafty goals:
  •  to finish off Mr J's shirt quilt - backing, quilting and binding to be done in time for his birthday - guess what I will be spending most of January doing.  
  • to finish my Jacobs Ladder quilt - the blocks have been made, they now need to be pieced together, and have a border added, before backing, quilting and binding.
  • to have at least pieced the top of my SWAK envelope quilt
  • to finish Block 12 in the Christmas sampler and have turned all blocks into placemats for Christmas lunch 2015 (six done six to go)
  • to make as many birthday and Christmas gifts as possible
Do you set yourself goals for the new year?  Do you achieve any of them?

Wishing you all a fabulous New Year, all the best for 2015.


  1. What a stunning color combination you have up there Julie! Those blooms are gorgeous! And your list of goals has inspired me!!! I have yet to make one but think that if I do it will keep me on track for what I want to accomplish!! Here is to a wonderful 2015!!!

  2. I am not much of a goal setter, things just seem to come along and if I find time to make and do them then I am happy!
    Wishing you the best with all your goals.

  3. Happy New Year! I don't set New Years resolutions purely because I can never keep them but this year I plan to set myself a few goals, at the top of my list is to get sewing! Good luck with all of your school prep - big years for both our children. Elaina xo

  4. Happy New Year Julie - I shall keep my fingers crossed the inevitable rainy summer days coincide with the days you have to work!

  5. I hope that you have a great 2015 and that it brings only wonderful things to you and yours! xx

  6. Looking forward to seeing all your fun creations. You are very talented and I love learning from you. I also enjoy learning more about NZ from you too.
    Sending blessings for a GREAT 2015!!

  7. I love your photo of cosmos, one of my very favourite flowers. Your list sounds great, I like the way you're aiming to make as many birthday and Christmas gifts as possible. I have sewing goals in my mind but I don't write them down, that way if I get distracted, which I very easily am, I don't feel bad. :)

  8. Dear Julie
    Wishing you a happy year of sewing, I love the shirt quilt with the red tartan pieces ...
    and I'd forgotten about Cosmos, it's such a gorgeous flower isn't it?
    Barbara x

  9. A few exciting things happening for you all this year! Looking forward to seeing your makes this year :)


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