Monday 28 September 2015

Bloomsbury in Liberty

So, I might have started another quilt.

The other day while wasting time perusing the internet I came across this quilt, by Holly DeGroot of Bijoux Lovely.  I  pinned it, then kept thinking that it would be a lovely pattern to use my precious liberty fabrics in, if I was brave enough to cut into them.

Friday night I purchased the pattern (gosh instant PDF downloadable patterns are fabulous), Sunday night saw me cutting Dresden pieces and strips of Liberty.  Monday morning, I was still cutting Dresden pieces, resulting in so many pretty scraps of Liberty.  I haven't decided whether to keep them or be ruthless and throw them out, realistically I know I will probably never use them. I can also see the advantage in having a rotating cutting mat when having to cut lots of template pieces.

Monday afternoon, I started sewing the Dresden pieces, what was supposed to be a lovely quiet time on my machine, turned into a small grump fest, the fabric kept puckering and wouldn't feed through my machine.  I was beginning to worry that I may have to hand sew them.  After changing the needles, re-threading my machine, I resorted to getting out my sewing machine manual, it recommended cleaning out all the lint from the feed.  Wow, did that make a difference.

So now I have only 70 or so more Dresdens to stitch, turn out the right way, press and  then stitch into circles. That should keep me out of trouble these holidays.


  1. The fabric is beautiful, looking forward to watching your progress. Amazing what a difference cleaning the machine makes, I had the same problems a few weeks ago.

  2. I'm looking for that 'perfect' Liberty project too! And I love Dresdens too! Yours is going to be fabulous! Sew those strips together straight away! Maybe then they can be used in another project?

  3. That quilt caught my eye too - this one will be very special Julie!

  4. Ah, those 'dust bunnies' accumulate quickly & ruin everything! I too clean them out regular now after a similar experience! Your Liberties look so pretty, this will be one gorgeous quilt!


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