Thursday 17 December 2015

Scenes from my Week

From the sewing room
  • pretty Liberty scraps from PolkaDotTeaFabrics  ready to be cut up for my scrappy border on the Bloomsbury quilt
From the garden
  • looks like I will have fresh beans for Christmas Day
From the Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament swap with my sister
  • days 1-4  - hanging and spinning in the breeze - next year we make days 5-8
From the lets practice for Christmas Day files
  • the plan is that all the children (teens) will eat at the outside table, weather permitting, however it was too breezy today to set that up for photos.  I have also learned that Pohutukawa flowers in vases bring in ants - lots of them, so I won't be doing that on Christmas Day.
From the "I've joined the colouring book" craze
  • A Liberty fabric  colouring book  from my sister, a bit like random quilting, I still agonise over colour placement.
What are you doing this week?


  1. Table setting looks those place mats!

  2. LOVE the placemats!! I have a Tula Pink colouring book........quite relaxing.

  3. Your Christmas table looks absolutely delightful Julie! You must be very proud of them! I'm wondering though, whether you will be able to enjoy your meal, worrying about the gravy or cranberry sauce that might be spilt on them!!

  4. What a delight, the Christmas table mats are stunning. Lucky you to be having fresh beans on your plate. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Wonderful to see your beautiful placemats all finished and ready for use! They are all so pretty!! Happy Christmas! xx

  6. :-) I received a color book for my birthday, from my best buddy Lori. Fun!
    Love the Christmas table.
    Merry Christmas,

  7. Your table looks great! I also like felt decorations, you're fully prepared to Christmas!

  8. These patterns are all so pretty! I' really wanna have all these fabrics. My co-worker at this book very much. Maybe you know were I could buy such one?

  9. I received two colouring books for my birthday in July... I have not made much progress at all but am so looking forward to having more time with it! I so love your placemats - such a great collection for a special day. I have been thinking of yours a lot with Christmas approaching and am quite keen on making us some for next year!


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