Sunday, 10 July 2016

Here & Now

The WIP table

Deb's beautiful AMH pillow

Rachel showing off her beautiful meadow quilt

Savoury brioche and Raspberry White Chocolate Shortcake

Loving //sewing days with my friends - this is the show and tell part of it - books, projects, finished quilts
Eating //All the yummy food we bring to sew day (this is only a couple of the dishes)
Drinking // hot chocolate
Wearing //brightly coloured scarves to keep my neck warm
Feeling //
rather happy cos it is school holidays for two weeks.  That means no homework, lots of lie ins, and lazy days.
Making //apple, raspberry and rhubarb crumble for a dessert
Thinking //about new sewing projects, bags, clothes and another quilt
Dreaming //of summer

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  1. Oh I wish I could come to your sewing days! They look utterly scrumptious! Megan x

  2. Wonderful sewing days you all enjoy! Seems there are going to be two lovely weeks ahead for you.

  3. I agree with Dolly. There are no sewing days in my neck of the woods either. We used to, but once everyone got older they started Grandmother duties, and the sewing days have gone by the wayside. Love the look of your baking! :-)

  4. Love the "Meadow" quilt- the pink background really works! Looks and sounds like life is good!

  5. I always enjoy these posts.
    Great photos and love everything!

  6. How lovely to spend time catching up together like this!

  7. The sewing days seems like a lot of fun!
    Love the Meadow quilt; I wish I could get my hands on the pattern!!

  8. I have some serious sewing table envy after looking at that! My cutting mat is so puny. :) Gorgeous work! I recently made my first two quilts (shirt quilts so nothing at all complicated/fancy) and it left me with a whole new level of appreciation for folks who sew such gorgeous detailed works of quilted art.

  9. Loving post Julie! Thanks for joining in again.
    Your sewing days sound scrumptious - I wish there was a knitting day I could go to, along with all that yummy food :-)

    Sarah x

  10. I would love to have a sewing day...they sound like such fun and all that goodness to eat too!


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