Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Here & Now

Loving //harvesting fresh vegetables from my garden
Eating //lots of yummy salads - usually made with burghul or quinoa, and with all sorts of vegetables, raw or roasted tossed through it
Drinking //long cold gin & tonics
Feeling //a bit apprehensive about a beginners yoga class I have signed up for that starts in February
Making //  felt birds - I really need to start giving them some eyes and legs though
Thinking //how skittish the little stray cat (we've called her Lucy) that has adopted us is, she turns up 2-3 times a day for food, sleeps on the driveway or steps, but won't come near us yet.
Dreaming //of a hot lazy day at the beach

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  1. Your stitching is looking fabulous! Lucy is a sweet looking little cat....they know where to go these cats...........

  2. I LOVE your stitching Julie. It is very beautiful. I have been doing a bit of yoga using an app on my phone lately. I certainly have a way to go but I love it and I might even be brave enough for a class soon, if I can find one :)
    Kate x (visiting from Say! Little Hen)

  3. Those veggies are gorgeous!! YUM! My husband and I started doing yoga this year, though we are just doing a series for beginners on youtube. I think an actual class would be really good, because the instructor (are they called instructors in yoga??) could help fine tune your form. One thing I've noticed is that (when I am not doing yoga) I *consciously* breathe more, taking long deep breathes, and my shoulders are almost ALWAYS pulled up tight - every single time I've thought to make sure they were relaxed, they most definitely weren't. I would have told you I don't carry stress in my body, but that kinda proves otherwise. All that to say ~ you may be pleasantly surprised about your yoga experience :-)
    As always, your stitching is so lovely. And mercy, I'm dreaming of a beach day, too. I'm already done with winter, and it's nowhere near done with me : /

  4. That kitten is gorgeous! Those colors!

  5. Those veggies look delicious and the stitching is a real delight to see. A beautiful project.

  6. You look to be enjoying life!! What a beautiful little kitty, I hope she'll gradually make friends with you all!

  7. Lucy is so pretty! I wonder how long she will stay for?
    I hope you enjoy your yoga. I've been doing some at home with a YouTube video as there aren't any suitable classes in this small local area. It's been really good!

    Thank-you for joining in again!
    Sarah x

  8. I love your beautiful bird stitching, Julie. So pretty! I have been picking veggies this morning too and have little zucchinis, beans, tiny capsicums, cucumbers and lettuce. Isn't it lovely to eat from your own garden! Meg:)

  9. Lucy looks adorable! Maybe she is still checking you out! I love a G&T after a hot summer day too! Very refreshing!

  10. Lucy is sweet. I hope she will let you pet her soon. I am happy she visits.
    Your salads and fresh veggies I am jealous of. ;-)
    We did receive snow, which I am happy about. 7 inches, now we will be able to ski. But first we need to survive one more cold front moving in -18 degrees for us tonight and Friday. Needless to say, this is why we do not have big spiders or dangerous snakes in Wisconsin. Ha! Too Cold!!

  11. I do love a long gin and tonic on a really hot day, the perfect summer drink. Looking forward to seeing the stitching on your bird developing.

  12. I'm so jealous of your veggie patch, Julie. Mine is still so far behind (my tomatoes are mostly still just flowers!), but you're giving me hope that all is not yet lost. Good luck with Lucy. :)

  13. Hmm, the G&T sounds good! Hope your yoga class goes really, really well.


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