Friday, 19 May 2017

Scenes from my Week.

  • A colourful view of my tropical cannas, still bravely flowering despite all the wild wind and rain.
  • Slow progress on another bird for my bird dance project.  
  • A tiny EPP Liberty Dresden, has been turned into a label for the Liberty Bloomsbury, hand quilting is progressing well, though I have been finding I am getting sore shoulders from doing it.  All going well, this quilt should be finished by the end of May.
  • I love the vibrant green a leek turns as it it gently cooks.
  • The cooler temperatures seems to bring out the colours in the Bromeliads in my garden
  • Some planning is underway for the next border on my medallion quilt
  • I'm not normally one for putting bible verses on my blog, but I came across this one in a book the other day and it resonated with me, which then led to me finding this blog post . Suddenly it doesn't feel wrong to not want to be a super achiever or splash my complete life story over the internet.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


  1. So much's everywhere. I love you have been adding fabric with the wool/felt for your bird quilt, it adds some extra unexpected texture, is that part of the pattern design or your own addition?

  2. Always lovely to see what you have been up to during the week Julie! If I was to record mine it would be mountains of corrections and staring at my marks book. Your Dresden label is delightful! And I look forward to seeing the next round of the medallion quilt!

  3. Your garden seems to be a lovely one Julie, there are always nice photos from it! Mine, sometimes I have to clear the weeds to take a photo (hehe). Some progress is good on your birds - even if it is slow, I love all the texture in them. Very cute label for your quilt - a perfect finishing touch :-)

  4. oh yes ... I just read the post you shared. I can agree 100%! Sadly! It is funny, because I find in American churches ... that is where a lot of what she shares goes on. Things that are to be prayer requests turn into the next gossip. Very sad!

    I always enjoy these posts. Thank You, Carla


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