Friday, 30 June 2017

Scenes from my Week

  • Straight line quilting on a project I'm making for my sister.
  • Some of the treasures and mementos on display in my printer's tray, that has been the backdrop to my Ice Cream Soda blocks.
  • A pile of beautiful books for weekend browsing and dreaming.  Also, who knew that String of Pearl plants got flowers?  I have also just finished reading The City Baker's Guide to Country Living, which was a delightful novel about food, friends and finding yourself.
  • Beautiful lilies given to me by The Scout - he buys them for me when they are in bud, so I get to experience the beauty and surprise of what colour they will be upon opening.
  • Another bird - only five to go now.
Have a fabulous weekend.

** No Cook the Books post this month - it just didn't happen.**


  1. Your week is filled with colour and beauty! How special to have a husband who buys your flowers - enjoy. Your stack of books look very inviting too!

  2. Love your treasures in the printer's tray! I see that you were able to find the Judy Newman book, I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at her quilts. The book at the bottom of your stack "A Life Less Ordinary" looks to be very interesting indeed, I'd love to know more about it when you have time. You'll miss the birds when you put the last stitches in the very last one but I'm looking forward to seeing these beauties all together. Enjoy the weekend with your goodies and enjoy the scent from the lillies!

  3. Interesting treasures in the tray. I see a feather, I have an old birds nest that is starting to overflow with feathers I find on my travels! You always have interesting books. Another lovely textural bird development I see.

  4. Yes, another pretty bird finished! Looking foward to seeing them all together again, no pressure! I too have a printers tray, lots of fun finding tiny bits & pieces for it!

  5. Only five more birds to go?! Go Julie! I'm very jealous that you have access to Judy Newman new book. It was all wrapped up in plastic at my local bookshop! And your secret sewing looks wonderful too! Happy weekend!

  6. That looks like a fantastic stack of books! Our library is severely lacking in quilting and home decor books from this century. I can't believe you're down to 5 birds!! good job :-)

  7. I love how you display your treasures.
    xx oo

  8. Your selection of books looks interesting. I wish they were available at my local library here in the U.S.!

  9. I've added The City Baker's Guide to Country Living to my 'want to read list.' I can see myself curled up with that one.


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