Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Sea Urchin Pincushion


Now that my sister has received it, I can reveal what the  finished felt and embroidery project I started a month or so ago was.

Voila, this is the sea urchin pincushion based on the pattern from Jo Avery's book, Modern Crewel Embroidery.

I changed the colours she prescribed for bright in your face threads, based on this glorious fabric from Alison Glass.  As I have lots of cotton embroidery threads in my stash, I used these instead of wool thread and I decided to add a band of the beautiful fabric to the sides of the pincushion to tie it all together.  I especially like the texture from the seed and chain stitch panels.

This was a nice fun little project, and there were lots of others I would like to try from the book too.


  1. Lovely pincushion with sweet stitches. Kudos for a pretty finish!

  2. I love the cushion - I like this type of embroidery and do it occasionally (used to a lot) but can never get into cross stitch that so many others do

  3. Bet your sister was thrilled with this beautiful pin cushion, I love the bright colours you've used.


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