Tuesday 13 June 2023

Things Here Lately

Wow - it's been an age since I last updated my poor neglected blog.  I've sewn lots, hiked, read and cooked, so I'll do a round up post in the simplest form possible.

Quilting: Recently I finished the flimsy of my Kismet Kiss Quilt - I've made it bigger by adding borders and have plans to hand quilt it.  I've also started another of my "make it up as I go" sampler type quilts, that I'm enjoying using beautiful colours and fabrics on.

Eating: Cold nights call for decadent saucy desserts - this was enjoyed by all my family 

Planning: Somewhat anxiously, a bathroom renovation, perhaps I should say facelift, each quote I get, changes the plans somewhat.

Sewing:  I'm still making clothes, but have slowed down a little. I have to admit I do so much prefer making and planning a summer wardrobe, although I am contemplating a new winter jacket/coat.

Walking: I'm trying to be good and walk at least 5 days a week, most are before work at 6am, so it's dark but quiet.  The other day I had a late start at work so was able to walk as the sun was rising.  So worth  the slow walk to watch it.

Hiking:  About a month ago The Scout and I attempted to hike to Bog Inn Hut in the Pureora forest, we actually ended up turning back due to track conditions.  Some ancient old trees, lots of interesting fungi and the beautiful Waihora Lagoon made it and interesting hike.

Reading:  Currently I'm enjoying All the Days of Summer by Nancy Thayer.  I have also been reading and enjoying the Verity Kent crime series (set in the early 1920s) by Anna Lee Huber.

I'm sure I've done lots more over the past six months, it's hard to actually get back into blogging after such a long break, fingers crossed I can at least manage one post a month from now on.


  1. Always love your posts Julie.

  2. I was just wondering the other day if you had given up blogging LOL. Good to see latest photos, Kismet Kiss sure is a beauty!

  3. Lovely to read your blog again.. How's your Winter garden?

  4. So happy to see your blog post pop up Julie! Kismet is beautiful and I like the addition of the borders.Your new quilt to be such a good idea, no exact layout pattern to follow but just choosing the next row as you go along.


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