Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Where I Create

This is my sewing, cardmaking, mess making space.  We have a room off our garage which is used for the computer and my sewing room.  My sewing desk is made from an old wooden door that  The Scout stripped  it back to natural timber - it originally had about 7 layers of old paint on it. My table is in front of the window so that when I am in there creating,  I can keep an eye on  Miss B and Mr J if they are outside.  To the right of my desk is my shelving/ storage area - it houses cardmaking supplies,  sewing books, jewellery making supplies, ribbons, buttons and other haberdashery..  The narrow blue/cream bookshelf was made for me by Mr J.  To the left is my inspiration board and containers of pens, scissors and other pretty things.  the rabbit and peg doll were made for by my very clever sister.

**Please note that my desk was tidied up especially for these photos - it never looks like this  normally**

Linking up to Where I Sew Month 2013 at Pink Chalk Studio.


  1. Love your space! So much more than the kitchen table. So glad you posted this I forgot all about it this year and love seeing everyones creative space!

  2. You're so honest! And your space is very nice and convenient - great to be able to keep an eye on the kids playing without intruding on their games.

    I just love small spaces and yours is lovely.

  3. Your space is awesome, you must have a nice view out the window while you're sewing :)

  4. your shelves look like tetris...love it!

  5. Thanks for the "I cleaned up" note. :) I love that you can see out a window while you sew! Do you end up cutting on that space next to your sewing machine, or do you realistically cut somewhere else? (I find kitchen counters hard to resist for their height and family-room-adjacent convenience.)


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