Sunday, 28 July 2013


The last day of holidays before the school term starts tomorrow,  so a pretty relaxing weekend was had at home.

Om Friday night I made the dough for Chelsea Bun Brioche which we had for breakfast on Saturday Morning.  They were meant to be iced as well, but we were getting too hungry to wait for that. They were eaten warm from the oven and were very yummy.  I  will definitely make these again.

I managed to get a little sewing done - these strips will evenually be part of the new cushions I am making for my bed.

Miss B and Mr J had fun freezing coloured water in balloons, peeling of the balloon and then smashing them into pieces on the driveway.

What better way to keep Mr J occupied on a fine Sunday afternoon - give him an old lawn mower to dismantle.  Lots of bolts, tools, dirt and noise - a young boy's dream come true.  There certainly wasn't much left once he had finished.

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend your days, a little baking, a little making and enjoying the creative whims your young ones.


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