Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Productive Day


Not having my sewing machine means that I am not getting distracted from other household jobs that need to be done.  This morning I spent three very productive hours in the garden, weeding, digging in compost,
planting  a couple of daphne plants and cutting back old plants to make way for the spring growth.  I still have another large garden to do.

The afternoon was spent in the kitchen getting dinner prepared - tonight is Spicy Sausage, leek and bean hotpot.  I also used up some of the Rhubarb I picked this morning and made a Rhubarb Coconut Cake.

I think I might sit down shortly, put my feet up and do some knitting, while Miss B and Mr J are doing their homework.

What have you been doing today?


  1. Rhubarb! I haven't seen it since I was a kid! Grandma made pie, yummy! I rode in the car all day taking granddaughter home to Mom and Dad!

  2. Well done. Impressive to have rhubarb in your garden. Ours in still hibernating. You asked me about swedes - my parents farm in Southland and they grow swedes really well (mainly for the stock) because of the heavy frosts. They're not grown in Canterbury as much so I'm sort of presuming Auckland would be very ambitious... but??? I've been recommended a small white turnip (Yates I think) that grow well.


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