Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Miss B & Mr J at a rest point mid way

View from the top - Kawakawa Bay
The Scout on the lakeside track at Kinloch
Kinloch - beautiful on a fine day
Craters of the Moon
Craters of the Moon
Fumerole with steam escaping

I'm back - we all had a lovely break at Kinloch.  a rest day at the bach on Saturday, then on Sunday we tackled the Kawakawa Bay Walking track.  There were some up hill bits, there was a little mud and a bit of standing aside for mountain bikers, but a good walk.  Lunch at the rocky outcrop from the top was a rather windy affair - great views though. 

Monday saw us heading to Craters of the Moon -a geothermal attraction with a boardwalk track from which you can view  lots of interesting steaming bubbling craters, fumeroles and coloured rocks.  

Of course I managed to find pretty spring flowers as well - a delicate yellow wattle and a beautiful rhododendron.

And yes - some sewing got done in the evenings, but I'll show those photos tomorrow.

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  1. Your pics brought back happy memories - we visited NZ for a road trip three years ago and saw Craters of the Moon. Amazing:-)


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