Monday, 24 March 2014


Sunday morning I traveled to Hamilton for my sewing day with Rachel and Deb.  I had a great day. We went out to a lovely little cafe for lunch, talked and chatted away, drooled over Rachels' amazing quilts and fabric stash.  As you can see the machines were set up, but we didn't get a lot of sewing done.  I did baste all three zips in, and managed to then get two sewn in properly, in my Sew Together Bag project. Hopefully I will get to work on this later in the week.

My sister celebrated her birthday on Sunday too, so I can finally reveal the photos of the little snippet I was stitching way back in January.  I made her a sewing machine cover to co-ordinate with the sewing room set  I made her for Christmas. Scrappy 4" squares, some hand stitching with variegated thread on natural linen, lined with a vintage sheet that was one of our Gran's. I am waiting for a photo of the full set - could be a while though, she is currently mid project on another quilt.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, whatever you ended up doing.


  1. Lovely work... well done! Sounds like a great sewing day. Your sister is very lucky, one of mine rang me a while back to ask which way the bobbin goes into the machine!

  2. You really do such lovely, creative work!

  3. It was such a fun day. I think you were the most productive out of all of us!


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