Friday, 7 March 2014

Seat Yourself

Patchwork Chair
Rocking Chair

The other day, The Scout arrived home with a chair for me.  I have been saying for a while that I wanted an old chair in the style of the brown checked one on the left.  He found me one - on the roadside.  Apart from the grotty fabric - the rest of the chair is in good condition.  The blue rocking chair on the right, is one he found the same way - when I was expecting Mr J (10 years ago).  We recovered it in the blue fabric - but as you can see, it needs a lot of TLC too now.

So I am currently thinking of ways to revamp these two chairs - I like the idea of bright funky patchwork, perhaps with painted arms and legs, but also I think relatively plain chairs would be good, so I can change the cushions on them (a good excuse for making new covers.)

What do you think - patchwork , patterned or plain?  


  1. I've been thinking of something similar too - but with a two seater couch. I've saved up some furnishing samples - they're thicker and was going to patch them together in single, four or nine patch groups. The examples above must use home dec weight fabric. I've seen some groovy patchwork curtains too. I've even got a simple one done at home! Ahhhh... half finished projects!
    Do you think you could find a 'cheater' print with patches - I think some Echino prints work like this? I think that it would depend on how much time and funds you have to do it - the patchwork would be the coolest - but would also take heaps of time to do!

    1. Sorry - I warbled a bit above!! Last year I pinned a couple of patchwork sofas on my pinterest boards. Just found them again. :-)

  2. I love the idea of patchwork chairs. I bought to huge old leather arms chairs a while back for $40 each, they have rolled arms and round oak legs. They are sitting in my brothers garage until I can afford to have them recovered. I was going to go with a pattern but I think I may want them done in patchwork instead now xo

  3. Well I think they should be patchwork of course Julie :-) great looking chairs julie

  4. I love the look of patchwork upholstery, it wouls suit your chairs. The Scout did a great job rescuing those from the side of the road.

  5. It is such a simple style of chair that I'd definitely go for the patchwork.

  6. Well how about a monochromatic style patchwork of white based fabric, or black or your favourite colour then you can jazz it up with brighter cushions

  7. That looks like a lot of fun . . . I'm looking for a chair with some "character" too. Have fun.

  8. I love the patchwork ones!! What wonderful finds!

  9. Love the idea of patchwork. I always think those chairs look such fun. Have you been to the patchwork shop at Waimauku? I understand she has furniture covered like that.


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