Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Auckland Art Gallery

part of Paradiso by Imants Tiller 1994

Woven date palm feathers - Hou Angiangi by Maureen Lander

The old circular stair case

MMM - My Mu"umu"u Mamas by Ani O'Neill

This Spanish chest and the art  dated from the 15th century

Sea Holly No. 1  c1949 by Eileen Mayo

Tree of Knowledge  1938  by Eileen Agar

Industry 1936 by  John Weeks

MacKelvie Gallery Pilasters - rediscovered during Gallery redevelopment 2008-11, after being enclosed by building additions

Whangai 2  by Arnold Manaaki Wilson 1984
Currently it is the school holidays in New Zealand, I am certainly enjoying not having the morning grumps to get Miss B and Mr J ready in time to catch the bus, and the odd sleep in.

Today we caught the train into the city and visited the Auckland Art Gallery.  I last visited an exhibition here when I was 14, so this was something new for me too.

There were certainly lots of different paintings, photography and sculptures to look at.  Certain types of artwork caused slight differences of opinion  - which made for interesting listening.  I did have to laugh though, as we entered the section with all the 15/16th century paintings complete with ornate frames, Mr J comments. "... some real art now"   Mr J and I really liked the painting 'Industry', you could almost feel the heat coming off the painted molten metal. There was also an interactive section called Wavelength - here you see us striking poses for coloured shadows.

Mr J certainly wasn't as interested as Miss B, so I suspect there may be a mother/daughter excursion in the future for us.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day out, you certainly took us on an interesting stroll.

  2. I never made it as i always had my kidlets in tow but looks like a wonderful place for an outing :)

  3. Auckland Museum is a great place to visit...I love your circle block you made on your last post..:)

  4. Fun. An Art Museum is something we have never visited. I should check into doing one.


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