Friday, 17 July 2015

Triceratops Pillow

The triceratops pillow has been finished and is now awaiting packaging ready to be posted off to Australia.

I added a 2" deep denimy blue solid border to take the pillow up to 18" square.  Cross hatch quilting means it should be quite robust for a little boy to use in his adventures  This was the first time I have used masking tape as my guide line - so much easier than measuring and marking all the lines out like I usually do, so I will definitely use this method again.  Bound in sun print chartreuse feathers by Alison Glass, and there is a concealed zipper in the back..

This is also my first finish for my Q3  Finish-along goals.


  1. My little man would LOVE that pillow! It is not only gorgeous it is so very cool!!! Thank you for popping on by....needed to take a bit of break. Missed coming by here Julie! Hope all is well my friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. Lovely thoughtful fun present.

  3. It looks fantastic :) Love the tip about the masking tape! I am sure your nephew is going to adore it :)

  4. Such a great gift, stunning work.

  5. The quilting looks great! I just know this will be a well loved pillow :)

  6. Lovely cushion Julie. Is it pieced? The quilting looks great!

  7. Fantastic!! I am sure that it will be very well received. Sounds as though your plan is going well! xx

  8. I love it!!!
    Perfect for a little boy.
    xx oo


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